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About that $350 billion repatriation...

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They haven’t committed to full repatriation, or even repatriating $350 billion - and their talk of investing those $350 billion over 5 years comes more from domestic profits that they will be reinvesting and receive full deductions from.


The point of repatriating money that is not being paid taxes on escapes me anyway - the govt gains no benefit from that. Neither does the company repatriating.


Mind you, in Apple‘s case, they can and probably will repatriate SOME of the funds, in order to pay off and pay back the funds and loans they took out for domestic expenditures and shareholder payments. Those payments, then, become deductions.


They have no incentive to repatriate all their offshore profits, since they still have overseas expenditures to pay.


Besides, in 5 years, they will have replenished $200 billion (yes, that’s how much money they have, and make).

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In short - the entire $350 billion/5 year investment plan was already long in the cards before any talk about tax plans from the government - but kudos to Tim Cook for leveraging it to Apple‘s benefit.

All the various investment and tax „experts“ are eating it up, demonstrating once again that they don’t actually understand their own „expertise“.

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